Extend the life of your parts with Avanti’s highly sought after Cold Spray repairs.

High pressure, without extreme temperatures or distortion, is used to propel fine metal particles that bond to produce a “better than new” metal coated surface.

With our in-house engineering and repair development capabilities, we have already successfully demonstrated this restorative process on several parts and obtained Transport Canada Repair Design Approvals for them. We have also worked with other AMO’s and Repair Stations offering our cold spray process and expertise for their repairs.

Image courtesy of Centerline

Avanti’s Cold Spray services will:

  1. Bring your Aluminum and Magnesium “unrepairable / scrap” components back to repairable / serviceable condition.
  2. Repair pitting, corrosion, damage and wear.
  3. Restore dimensional limits of Aluminum or Magnesium components without distortion.
  4. Well suited for temperature-sensitive component restoration.
  5. Saves you money! 

Bottom line, Cold Spray will extend the life of your parts and save you money. 

Call for information as to how we can restore your parts: 604-590-8013