Having worked on many different aircraft parts from various OEMs, and accepting and successfully completing even the most challenging jobs, we have managed to successfully build up our experience, capabilities, and equipment in-house and can offer an extensive range of services.


Whether it is for the aerospace or industrial turbine industries, we can assist you with all your manufacturing requirements.  If you are looking for full service or single process capabilities, our skilled and experienced team can help you achieve your manufacturing goals.

Repair Design

In the aerospace industry it is often necessary to develop and seek either Transport Canada or FAA approval for repair schemes which fall outside of OEM Repair & Overhaul Manuals.  At Avanti Aerospace we respond to our customers’ requests for unconventional repairs with cost effective and timely results – right from the design stage through to the completion of the repair. Avanti holds approvals for many of these repairs, with new repairs continuously being developed driven by our customers’ needs.

Heat Treating

Heat treatment, along with stress relieving, is a key requirement in the repair and overhaul of aerospace parts and components.
At Avanti Aerospace, with our Lucifer furnaces, we can provide heat treatment services for a wide range of materials required to repair and overhaul aerospace parts and components as specified in Overhaul Manuals or approved specialized repair schemes.


The plating of aerospace parts is a very common component of the repair and overhaul process.  We provide to our customers a wide range of plating processes including:  Chrome, Cadmium, Nickel and Silver.  All processes are carried out to OEM Overhaul Manual and Standard Practices specifications.

Materials Testing

At Avanti, we have various materials testing capabilities in house.  These include tensile testing, coating bond line inspection (Cross-sectioning) and  hardness checking (Rockwell A, B, C, & Superficial, Brinell and Vickers).  With this equipment we can assist you with your materials inspection needs as well as assure you that our own product has met the stringent standards required by the industry.

Non Destructive Testing

Our non-destructive testing department includes Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection (FPI, IAW ASTM E 1417) and Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI, IAW ASTM E 1444).
We perform inspections using these methods as part of the in-process repair scheme or as requested by the customer. All inspections are performed in accordance with Overhaul Manuals or other approved data.


At Avanti Aerospace, we have four metallizing systems to ensure a quality coating on a variety of substrates ranging from fibreglass to magnesium to Hastelloy. We combine Tafa 9000 Twin Wire Arc, Metco Air Plasma, Metco Thermo Spray and Metco Combustion Wire systems with highly trained and experienced technicians who can deliver the high quality coatings our customers demand.

Precision Machining

At Avanti Aerospace, we provide a wide range of machining capabilities. In house precision milling, turning, grinding and CNC machining are used to provide the quality products our customers expect. Our personnel are all qualified toolmakers or machinists, with years of experience at your disposal.
Our climate controlled inspection department is where all pre and post rework inspections are carried out. We use a range of measuring instruments and comparators to ensure that the strict dimensional accuracy required in this industry is maintained to the highest degree. This includes a Mitutoyo CMM with a 1000mm x 700mm x 700mm inspection envelope

Welding & Brazing

We provide a full range of welding and brazing services to both our aerospace and industrial turbine customers.  You will find our quality and service are second to none in the industry.